Parliament House hack raises questions

Recently you would have seen in the news about the hack on Parliament House in CanberraM

The fact that our very own Parliament can get compromised is fair warning to all of us to increase our cyber security. It boggles the mind that even some of our national defences weren’t strict enough to keep perpetrators out of the Parliamentary system.

Recently the Vintek Group formed a cyber security team to continue to address requirements both internally and for clients, in order to respond to this rapidly evolving threat landscape.

I’m amazed at how unprepared lots of organisations are and how they think once it’s looked at and “ticked” it doesn’t need to be revisited.

Today’s landscape is so rapidly evolving that if you’re not having regular meetings to ensure you are across the issues – it’s not a matter of if – but when something happens.

A very timely warning for all of us. We certainly are seeing a massive up-spike in penetration activity across the board.